Monday, January 8, 2007

Has the fitness business gone so wide it's segmenting?

There are signs of verticals being exploited-- take as an example, which is about the Body Balance for Performance program. The program was developed by the first Director of Physical Therapy on the PGA Tour. He had treated over 230 of the 300 top PGA Tour golfers. While touring with the PGA, he developed various physical therapy techniques to help get the body in better balance so a golfer can better execute the golf swing. The value prop: Body Balance clients average 4-6 strokes off their handicap over the course of their program, per the firm.

Most of the equipment used at a Body Balance Center is simple-- an exercise ball, rubber tubing, and a golfer's own body weight are the most common and allow clients to easily do the exercises at home or the office. The PA-based company has 40 centers today, and is franchising.

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