Monday, February 26, 2007

Today in eHealth

Before seeing a doctor, you check out his/her ratings online. You even book the appointment over the web. He has an EMR, and you have an employer-sponsored PHR that gets data from this EMR … and your Payer (Insurer).

While your EMPLOYER incents you with real $ to use the PHR, you’re paying more of your health bill each year, so you use a website to figure out how you can find cost savings for care for yourself and your family.

On the web, especially via the lens that is your PHR, you get all the latest news on health issues relevant to you, and can search for more. Better, you can connect with other consumers who have similar health challenges, and even with true experts. Some of these experts are ready to become your care provider, despite the fact that their offices may be far from you. But that’s ok, because your doctor visits are increasingly virtual (yes, the physician still gets paid), and to the extent that you need face-to-face care, you’re going to a “minute clinic” that might be in a big box retail store, or even at your company’s location.

And much of your ongoing chronic care is done via digital home health— we call it the HomeSpital— whereby mostly wireless devices automatically feed the needed data to your PHR … and your doctor.

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