Friday, April 25, 2008

Trend #5 of 10: Just One Dashboard ...

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Here's an excerpt on Trend #5 of 10:

Just One Dashboard to Drive the eHealth Car, Say Consumers

Sure, the eHealth Oligopoly (B2Cers AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! & WebMD; also lesser known B2Bers like Cerner, Epic and TriZetto) is atwitter, there are fortunes to be made on the web regarding helping people be well, and connecting them to care delivery.

But you only have one dashboard in your car, despite myriad related systems and processes from hood-to-trunk.

Similarly, John and Jane Doe won't go to one eHealth web location for news/search, another for COMMUNITY (fastest growing wedge today), and yet another for PHR.

The best positioned members of the eHealth Oligopoly are moving to the center in this graph below, living in the connected middle of News/Search/Community, PHR, EMR (feeds PHR) and Digital Home Health.

Digital Home Health importantly relates to the PHR sweet spot-- the chronically ill-- where a wide array of wireless home health devices is cropping up, that will deliver data to patient records in real-time.

It's good to be a COMMUNITY player today (see our list of the top ones here)-- you will see the eHealth Oligopoly buying some of these audacious protagonists at high valuations in the coming months (and the most compelling is MedHelp...).

SUMMARY: The current positioning leader? Microsoft. They have HealthVault in PHR, and Amalga in EMR. They have Search (although only 9.6% market share-- if they get Yahoo! with their 21.6% market share in Search, they can better combat the share leader, Google, with their 59.2% share), News ... and an adroit, preemptive initial partnering position in Digital Home Health.

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