Friday, May 30, 2008

MedHelp = High User Engagement

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We're often asked this question:

In the fast-growing Community wedge of eHealth,
which company is executing the best?

Answer: San Francisco, CA-based MedHelp, which was founded way back in 1994 and has over 5 million unique monthly visitors.

They already are trailblazers at connecting patients/families to other patients/families, and to experts (doctors).

And now they've rolled out a compelling set of Personal Health Applications (trackers, tickers, calendars, and calculators) that are gaining rapid uptake among what might be the most loyal audience in eHealth.


Ovulation Tracker:

Pregnancy Tracker:

Many others are coming soon, because MedHelp execs know that health advertisers don't just pay for breadth of audience (uniques) and depth (pageviews/unique) but also for ENGAGEMENT.

Further, cagey MedHelp has been doing some fascinating work on mining data from their site.

For example, MedHelp members were talking about sleep walking as a potential side effect of Ambien three years before it became public. And MedHelp is writing an article with a few of their participating doctors on a potential issue with a new intraocular contact lens that has a high rejection rate amongst MedHelp users.

And recently they worked with a local CBS affiliate on an issue discovered from their site about an allergic reaction that women may be having with a new Victoria's Secrets bra.

MedHelp: they're cognizant of the 3rd dimension of extracting dollars from advertisers-- passion among their users.

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