Friday, May 23, 2008

Power to the People

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We like Dr. Wes, he has one of the best healthcare blogs out there. But he is wrong in this post, and here we tackled the same questions as he did:

1. Consumer-Driven Healthcare-- crock or crusade?

Crusade, of course. Trying to hold it back would be roughly as effective as lobbing ice cream cones at oncoming tanks.

While insurance is the most common form of payment for healthcare services, increasingly customers are paying for their own expenses-- with their own hard-earned money.

There's a word for pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic companies, hospitals and doctors that fail to recognize that a growing portion of their revenues are originating directly or indirectly from out-of-pocket expenditures: Fools.

This crusade is all about Green Power. Can you blame consumers for trying to get the best bang for their bucks?

2. Doctor and hospital ratings-- fad or phenomenon?

Let's see, you buy your own airline tickets but you don't fly the plane. Perhaps you once used a travel agent between you and Acme Air, but now, thanks to the web, you have a direct relationship (this is called disintermediation).

So yes, health professionals lay hands on you but in this era of the web and manifold choices, you look-before-you-book.

Unsurprisingly, given the complexities of care, there is a wide divergence in quality. Can you blame consumers for looking for every advantage at high-integrity sites like this before they submit their minds and bodies?

3. John & Jane Doe-- patients or consumers?

Hmmm, seems that every day I'm inundated with ads for health products and services (including hospitals and doctors hawking their wares), and increasingly it's MY money, and they're not all clustered right around the mean in terms of equivalent quality/function. Hey! I must be a consumer!

The healthcare-industrial complex-- Dr. Wes included-- shouldn't fool themselves. We patients consumers are starting to wield a terrible, swift, web-connected keyboard. Can you blame us if we move our business elsewhere if providers don't recognize ... and play to ... our awe$ome power?

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